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Tips for finding the ideal Workamping job in Episode 126

Today we have a great show planned. I will be talking with Jody Anderson-Duquette about finding the ideal Workamping job.

She is the executive director of Workamper News and one of the owners of the business. She literally grew up in the Workamping industry and has a lot of experience connecting people to short-term jobs.

She has identified 12 steps people can take to find the right job for them. It all starts with doing your homework to learn what type of jobs and employers are available. Contrary to popular belief, not all Workamping jobs involve work at campgrounds and RV parks.

By becoming aware of the different types of jobs available, people can narrow their selections to specific industries, geographic areas, paid or volunteer positions, and other types of compensation.

The next step involves prioritizing things you absolutely need from a job. Jody is right in saying that each Workamper’s situation is different based on their financial needs and physical capabilities. It is also important that couples be on the same page when it comes to finding Workamping jobs.

One of the best tools to use is the Workamper website that allows people to narrow job opportunities by state and then use keywords to find specific jobs in that state. Workamper News places symbols on each ad so people can quickly scan opportunities and zero in on only those that are the closest match to their desired compensation.

Once a Workamper selects jobs of interest, then it is time to reach out to specific employers and, more importantly, to follow up with them. But to save everyone some time, it’s important to apply only for jobs you feel would be a good fit and Jody offers ideas on how to do that most effectively.

People do have the option of casting a larger net by creating their resumes on the Workamper website. Some employers never advertise job openings. Rather they search the Awesome Applicants Resume database for people they think might be a good fit and actually reach out to potential Workampers.

Workampers News offers an outstanding resume-building tool to help people create effective resumes that ensures the right information can be found in the right places to help employers find workers. Jody offers ideas on key elements to include in your resume.

She also talks about another tool available to Workampers that allows them to submit their own situation wanted ads to let employers know they are available for certain types of work in specific areas.

There are several ways Workampers can find jobs and they all work well. It just depends on their personal preferences. Some people identify places they would like to visit first, and then start looking for jobs in those areas. For them, they are assured of finding work in an area they’ve dreamed of visiting.

Finding a job this way ensures that Workampers can fully immerse themselves into new cultures, new climates, historical areas or states they’ve often wondered what it would be like to live there. For them, location is the key factor in looking for a job.

However, other people like working at specific jobs and will travel wherever they can to get a job. For example, you won’t find any lighthouses in Arizona, but people who really want to work at one will be willing to travel to one of the coasts for the right opportunity.

Or perhaps someone is really skilled at planning events and is open to traveling anywhere to get a job as an activities director. For them, the type of work is of paramount consideration.

It may take more advance planning to land the ideal job, but at least Workamper News can help open doors and connect people to those positions.

Some people finish one job and then start looking for another. Other people like the certainty of having a steady stream of work. Whatever their preference, one thing is for certain – people are better off finding jobs as members of Workamper News.

Workamper News has a variety of tools to help you make the most of every opportunity. That includes more job listings than any other site, employer reviews, an outstanding resume builder, a daily jobs hotline and an archive of magazines spanning decades, with each issue full of job listings, interesting stories and tips to help make the RV and Workamping lifestyle more enjoyable.

If you’re not already a Diamond or Platinum member, you can get started today with a free trial by visiting www.workamper.com/trial.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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