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Anthony Montelongo talks about changes to the RV service industry in Episode 280

Now that the summer of 2024 is officially here, today I am interviewing a mobile RV service technician from North Georgia who is making a repeat appearance on the Workamper Show. There have been some changes to the service side of the RV industry since his last appearance in 2022.

Anthony Montelongo owns Certified RV Solutions, which was founded during the height of the COVID situation in 2020.

Not only does he fix RVs, he offers a service of convenience by coming to wherever the RV may be located.

Anthony said that while a lot has technically changed, it often feels as though nothing has really changed in the RV industry. Despite improvements in technology, RVs are no longer manufactured to the same level of quality they were before COVID, and RVs made before 2020 were of less quality than those built 10 years earlier.

In fact, Anthony said up to a third of his business is involved in fixing problems in RVs that are less than three years old.

The good news for RV owners is that there are more mobile service technicians in the market today than ever before. He said lack of pay for technicians at some RV dealerships contributed to many experienced techs venturing out on their own.

In popular RVing states of California, Florida and Texas, some areas have so many mobile RV technicians that the market is almost saturated by competition. That may be a good thing for RV owners looking for service quickly, but it also means there is more opportunity for quality technicians to start businesses in other parts of the country.

There are some repairs which absolutely must be performed at an RV service center, such as removing a slideout. Some RV service centers have started paying technicians more money, especially if the tech specializes in a particular area of service.

One thing that has really changed in the RV industry is increased level of trust consumers have in mobile repair technicians. Anthony completed his training at the National RV Training Academy in Athens, Texas, which opened about seven years ago.

At that time, most RV repairs were performed at dealerships and service centers, for which owners had to wait weeks or months for an appointment. Back then, people were skeptical about the quality of work performed by mobile service technicians, but Anthony explained that is no longer the case.

He said people have received great service by mobile technicians and the convenience of having repairs performed on-site rather than having to drive an RV to the repair center has really boosted consumer confidence in mobile technicians.

Anthony also explained that opportunities exist for Workampers to make good money by doing mobile repairs wherever they travel. Workampers who are trained in RV service work can often fix general problems impacting many RVers, like water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and refrigerators.

People can get in touch with Anthony by visiting certifiedrvsolutions.com or connecting with him on Facebook.

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That’s all I have for this week’s show. Next time I will be reinterviewing a woman I first met in 2020 when she was just thinking about becoming a Workamper. She was enrolled in the RV Dreamers Journey Program developed by Workamper News. Four years later, she has lots of stories to tell about her RVing and Workamping experiences.

I’ll have that interview on the next episode of The Workamper Show. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy a happy, safe and memorable summer season.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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