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JW Moberly and Cory Anders describe a multitude of Workamping jobs in Episode 282

Today I am speaking with a couple who have been RVing for four years, and have worked a variety of traditional and unique Workamping jobs.

Originally from California, JW Moberly and Cory Anders have worked 12 different jobs over the past four years.

As a single mother for many years, Cory fell in love with camping while serving as a volunteer leader with the Boy Scouts. Through that experience, Cory was first introduced to the concept of Workamping, and she promised herself she would do it as soon as her son turned 18 and ventured off on his own.

As short time later, Cory met JW and told him about her plan. He liked the idea, but felt he needed to wait until he retired before he could do something fun, like traveling. But, once JW learned he could make money as a Workamper, he soon left his plumbing job and hit the road with Cory.

As Workampers, Cory and JW have a different job every season. They have tended bar, served as campground hosts, sold Christmas trees in Florida, harvested sugar beets, served at the U.S. Open in Phoenix and even worked at the Houston Rodeo. Talk about variety!

This summer, they’ll be working for a company that gives kayaking tours on Lake Superior, where Cory hopes to put her degree in environmental science to work. JW even enjoyed an opportunity to but his natural white beard to work as a mall Santa one year.

Some of the jobs have been on their bucket list for years, while others have been opportunities they became aware of while talking to other Workampers.

They initially found jobs by selecting a place they wanted to visit, and looked for jobs in that area. After a while, they started looking for unique and fun jobs they thought they’d enjoy working, and traveled to wherever the job was located.

Cory had some wonderful advice for Workampers. She said if all they do is go to work every day, but never take time to explore the areas they’re visiting, they are doing Workamping wrong. They could have stayed home and made five times as much money working a regular job.

She stressed the key to an enjoyable Workamping lifestyle is to find a good balance between working to earn money to support the travel, and spending the money to enjoy the areas they’re visiting.

Part of JW and Cory’s planning process involves plotting out interesting things to do within a three-hour drive of their campground. Cory will even compile a “more things to do list” in the event they ever get back to the area.

She explains to prospective employers that they love tent camping, and want to take time off to do that. Most employers have been very accommodating.

But, Cory and JW also plan their jobs and travel so they can take four full months off every year just to better enjoy their RVing experiences. Early in their adventures, they moved too quickly. Later, they scaled back the travel to spend more time in one area.

If people aren’t certain that they will like the RVing and Workamping experience, JW encourages them to just give it a try before jumping in with both feet. He said to put things in storage and rent their home, then try Workamping for a season to make sure it is something they’ll really enjoy.

People can connect with them and follow their journey by visiting www.jwandcoryadventures.com, where they can subscribe to the couple’s free newsletter.

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That’s all I have for this week’s show. Next time, I will be speaking with the owner of TechnoRV about ways Workampers can improve their internet connections on the road and in their RVs. I’ll have that interview on the next episode of The Workamper Show. Thanks for listening!

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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