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Episode 038 outlines the new Dreamer’s Journey by Workamper News

We have a special edition of The Workamper Show for you today in which Workamper News President Steve Anderson unveils a brand-new program designed to help people who are just starting to explore the RV and Workamping lifestyle.

I know Steve has been looking forward to sharing details of this new program for many months. He mentioned the idea to me at last year’s Workamper Rendezvous, and the staff has been working on making the vision a reality ever since.

Rendezvous is like a bootcamp for Workampers. It packs a ton of essential information into a week’s worth of training to prepare people to launch on their journey as full-time RVers and Workampers.

But, Steve found all that information can still be overwhelming for people who don’t have RVs but are just thinking about embracing the lifestyle. They have hundreds of questions and, in some cases, still don’t even know if such a dream could ever become a reality.

Steve will outline the new Dreamer’s Journey, an online training program that takes place over a 12-week period. It features 24 coaching sessions with an open forum discussion session each month where people can ask any question.

He will talk about how it works, some of the topics to be discussed and how people can access this training, developed by seasoned Workampers, but delivered in a way that dreamers can understand and fully appreciate everything they’ll learn.

The Dreamer’s Journey is a product that is long overdue in the RV lifestyle. Many times, the RV industry assumes everyone already understands everything it takes to buy and use an RV the right way. But, that is far from the case.

Before people spend tens of thousands – or in some cases hundreds of thousands – of dollars preparing for something they’ve dreamed about doing for years, they can save a lot of time, money and aggravation by getting some practical training right upfront.

The Dreamers Journey provides everything a new RVer needs to know regarding whether this really is the lifestyle for him or her.

In 24 recorded one-hour training sessions, dreamers can learn to develop a plan, set a budget, find a practical RV, maintain their RV, take care of legal considerations, fund their travel adventures, apply for Workamping jobs, start a small business and handle the dozens of little details that need to be ironed out before they turn the key to start the adventure.

What I like most about this program is that people pay as they go. Rather than making a huge investment right up front, it costs just $99 per month to get training and ask questions.

But, I can ask my RV dealer any question for free, some people will say. Perhaps the dealer or salesperson might know the answer, but you’d be surprised how many RV salespeople have never owned an RV.

Whereas, the folks at Workamper News have decades of experience helping people get started on a successful and memorable adventure. Let’s be honest, are dealers motivated to giving you EVERYTHING you need to know about the experience, or just enough that you’ll want to buy something?

Like Steve said, the purpose of this program is to help people discover whether the RV lifestyle is right for them. Perhaps it isn’t. Then, they have only spent a few hundred dollars and a couple of hours gathering information to make that decision.

But, if the RV lifestyle is something they decide they would enjoy, then after completing the RV Dreamer’s Journey, they’ll have all the information they’ll need – and more – to make the most of the experience.

For more information, visit www.rvdreamersjourney.com today. The first session launches on Feb. 11.

Whether it is running a business from your RV or working short-term jobs for a variety of employers, Workamper News can give you information to help plan a course to live your own dream and get you on the road faster than you thought possible.

For more information about opportunities to live, work and play in your RV, visit www.workampernews.com.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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