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Experienced RVers Randy Lehnhoff and Marjory Snyder join newcomer Megan Raphael on Episode 052

Today, we are going to talk to three people – one experienced RVing couple and a woman who is investigating whether the full-time RVing lifestyle would be right for her and her husband.

My first guests are Randy Lehnhoff and Marjory Snyder. Randy is from St. Louis and Marjory is from Effingham, IL. He was working as a truck driver for Walmart and that’s how the two met.

They have been full-time RVing for more than seven years. When they first started traveling together, they would drive the truck one month and the motorhome the next. However, the motorhome has a big bathroom and a big kitchen, which made transitioning into it a much better choice.

They’ve already been traveling as far away as Alaska where Randy worked in retail and Marjory worked in the distribution center that supplied Randy with products to sell.

They have held a variety of jobs from Alaska to Key West with stops in California, Iowa and Phoenix. But of all the places they liked the most, Utah tops the list and they explain why.

Randy and Marjory tell how they get calls from prospective employers now that they have experience, and offer advice on how to make a resume stand out from the crowd.

They also have an interesting story about how they stumbled upon Workamping in the first place.

Many people get into a routine while Workamping that they seek jobs they have done before, whether it is working in retail or as campground hosts.

Randy Lehnhoff and Marjory Snyder have done that, too, but they have also sold Christmas trees, worked at an amusement park in Iowa, took tickets during spring training and even harvested sugar beets. So not only do they enjoy wonderful memories of places they traveled, but also of trying a whole bunch of new job experiences, too.

Marjory explained that Workamping was like going on vacation, but for much longer. They also described how developing relationships with other RVers has opened the door for them to get some pretty fantastic jobs.

They also travel without a concrete plan. They either pick a place to visit and then look for jobs in that area, or they see what sounds like a fun job to have and head in that direction. That’s the type of flexibility people enjoy while Workamping and RVing.

The next guest is someone who is dreaming about launching into the RV lifestyle.

Megan Raphael and her husband have been Michiganders for many years. They grew up there and returned to Michigan after living in Portland, OR, for several decades.

They have a smaller 22-foot travel trailer and take it on several extended trips every year. But, they’re investigating the full-time lifestyle or at least opportunities to be on the road for longer periods of time.

Megan says she’s never been fond of the idea of just retiring and hanging out at home, so they are planning some adventures and pursuing other interests.

She heard about Workamping through some online research and has been watching videos and reading stories about people who are successfully engaged in that lifestyle.

She describes some of the steps they are taking to prepare for transitioning out of jobs and into a more mobile lifestyle.

Megan is exploring paid Workamping positions as well as volunteer opportunities where she can assist with remote medical clinics around the country.

It’s kind of ironic that she has been listening to episodes of this podcast as she is developing her plan, and I asked her to come on the show to describe her process for investigating the RV lifestyle.

Megan Raphael is being smart and contemplating all her options before she and her husband jump into the RV and Workamping lifestyle with both feet.

It is a big decision to make. Like others in her situation, she’s wondering if they need to sell their house. They’re setting a budget. They are investigating what jobs are available in the areas they want to visit.

She does have an interesting perspective after working at a senior residential center where she sees people who are no longer physically able to pursue their dreams.

Megan and her husband don’t want to wind up regretting not jumping at the chance to enjoy some adventures while they are young enough to do so.

I liked that Megan is planning a smaller trip this fall and where they will spend two months exploring the lifestyle to see if they like it. By talking to other people along the way, there’s no doubt she’ll either get her questions answered and jump in full time, or they’ll decide the lifestyle isn’t for them.

I give them credit for taking the time to investigate their options and taking time to make sure they don’t make any rash decisions.

I appreciate her taking the time to outline her concerns, questions, hopes and dreams with all of us.

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Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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