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Bob Zagami describes RVing in New England on Episode 059

Today, we are going to talk with someone who knows a great deal about RVing in New England.

Bob Zagami is a lifelong resident of New England. He has been a journalist covering the RV industry for decades. He is also the executive director of the New England RV Dealers Association and host of a weekly podcast called RVing in New England.

Bob describes a number of fun and interesting things people can do and see in the New England area, both indoors and outside. He also talks about some Workamping opportunities and the need for people to work a variety of jobs in that area.

He describes what the weather is like and how it can vary from month to month. Bob also assures people there are enough RV dealers and mobile technicians throughout New England to get their RVs fixed, if necessary.

He also offers some tips on how to make the best of an adventure to New England, especially how to find a campground in the very popular vacation destination area.

Bob describes his weekly podcast and the types of things he and his partner, John DiPietro, discuss with guests every week. He also shares how you can listen to the very popular show.

Bob has a home near Boston and a summer home in Maine. He is a die-hard promoter of all things New England.

He has been a wonderful friend for many years. He is undeniably passionate about the RV industry, the RV lifestyle and encouraging people to visit the New England region.

I have been to New England several times to visit Bob over the years, and he has served as an exceptional host. Not only does he know where to get the best lobsters, he also knows about unique places to visit and what time to go to avoid big crowds.

It was Bob who suggested touring the harbor by taking the Mail Boat as it visited several islands every afternoon. He also knew where to go to get the best clam chowder, lobster bisque and crab cakes in New England.

I appreciated his advice to book your campground sites well in advance of visiting New England. There are some spectacular campgrounds in that region, but they do fill up fast. There are nearly 15 million residents of New England alone, plus 19 million residents of New York who see the New England states as their playground.

Some of the best food I have ever had was found in out-of-the-way restaurants in small New England towns. I’ve had lobsters while overlooking the ocean, pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup and what they call a shore dinner.

If you like this podcast be sure to watch the online talk show, RVing in New England, co-hosted by Bob and John DiPietro. They cover all aspects of RVing and camping throughout the New England.  The show airs live at 7 p.m. Eastern time every Wednesday evening at www.facebook.com/rvinginnewengland. All shows are also archived on that page.  Following each show, the audio portion is converted to a podcast and you listen and subscribe to them at www.nervda.com.

The fall colors are nothing less than breathtaking, and the scenery is gorgeous. You have to put New England on your bucket list. Or, even better, look for Workamping jobs in New England.

Workamper News can help. It is a magazine and online publication that connects RVers to full- and part-time jobs around the country. Whether it is running a business from your RV or working short-term jobs for a variety of employers, Workamper News can give you information to help plan a course to live your own dream and get you on the road faster than you thought possible.

For more information about opportunities to live, work and play in your RV, visit www.workampernews.com.

Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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