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In Episode 094, Steve Turtle loves Workamping so much he started a YouTube channel to promote the lifestyle

Today, I am going to interview a man who has been full-time RVing for three years and Workamping almost the entire time, except when he and his wife take time to enjoy traveling. They enjoy the RV lifestyle so much that they launched a YouTube channel to help people experience the same adventures.

Steve Turtle is from York, Pa. He and his wife, Loreen, live in a 34-foot travel trailer, which is 9 feet longer than the RV they started with. They needed the extra room to accommodate his wife’s sewing hobby.

Steve Turtle is his stage name, if you will. He took the name Turtle to reflect what it was like to travel around with a house on your back.

On one trip, they followed historic Route 66 all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica, Calif., over the course of a month. He describes steps he took to truly embrace that adventure and soak up its historical significance.

Steve learned about Workamping about 20 years ago and had been dreaming of it ever since. Then, in 2017, after a stressful day of work, they decided it was time to actually live their dream. Within three months, they moved from a 5-acre farmette into a 25-foot RV and haven’t looked back.

They have worked jobs as gate guards for an oil field in Texas, and held positions at campgrounds. They really like working for campgrounds because of the ambience of camping. Steve generally works outdoors doing mowing, landscaping, painting and maintaining the pool. Loreen works inside taking reservations and checking in campers.

This fall, they worked for a campground in Pennsylvania’s Amish country and plan to spend some time this winter guarding another gate in Texas before heading up to the Pacific northwest next spring.

One of the perks the couple really likes to receive is a VIP pass that gives them free or discounted admission to dozens of local restaurants and attractions. Not only does it stretch their money, it gives them lots to do when they aren’t working.

Steve and his wife have enjoyed their time on the road so much that they started documenting it on YouTube. At first, it was only to create videos for friends and family to follow them on their trip along Route 66. But, it grew from there as the couple started sharing tips and tricks with their followers.

Steve said the wanted his YouTube channel to be different from others started by RVers that simply focus on places to visit in a particular area. He wanted to help people adapt quickly to the RV lifestyle by showing them how to use their RV. He even shows newbies simple, but essential things, like the proper way to pump out an RV septic system.

They also produce videos about their experiences as Workampers to help people better understand what types of jobs are available. They describe things people can do to enhance the RV and Workamping lifestyle. He even talks about ways to reduce expenses to keep people on the road and still enjoy the experience.

Steve describes products that can make RVing more fun, but also offers tips to land a great job. People can find more than 225 videos at their channel called A Workamper’s Story at YouTube.

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Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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