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Bill Linsenmeyer describes Your Best Address services on Episode 194

Today, I am talking with a business owner who provides a valuable service to Workampers in that he operates a mail forwarding service, but also helps RVers establish South Dakota residency.

Bill Linsenmeyer is the owner of Your Best Address. The company has been in business since 2005 and Bill took it over in 2017.  It is a mail forwarding service based in Sioux Falls, S.D., but the company also helps people live a better mobile lifestyle by assisting them with things like vehicle registration, voting, setting up businesses and getting a South Dakota driver’s license.

For mail forwarding, Workampers pay $17 per month to establish a legal address in South Dakota, where all their mail can be forwarded – packages included. Then, people simply set up a schedule to have the mail delivered wherever they may be or they can have it held and forwarded on demand.

For $30 a month, Your Best Address will digitally scan every envelope so Workampers can see what arrived that day. Then, for an additional fee, Workampers can direct the company to open the envelope and scan the contents, then decide to hold the mail, forwarded it or securely shred it.

For establishing residency, Your Best Address helps Workampers complete the required paperwork, then assists them in taking necessary steps to secure a South Dakota driver’s license. The firm will even help register vehicles.

People who just need mail forwarding on a seasonal basis can establish a short-term plan with Your Best Address, too.

If you operate a business on the road, Your Best Address can help with all the forms to get the firm registered in South Dakota. It can even serve as the registered agent meaning Your Best Address will serve as the official point of contact for all business-related mailings.

When people hit the road as Workampers, there are a number of important decisions they need to make. Fortunately, companies like Your Best Address can help them make a seamless transition from a sticks-and-bricks residency to a truly mobile lifestyle.

One of the first big decisions Workampers need to make before hitting the road is to determine what state they will call home. That location is often called their official domicile and it will determine where they pay taxes and where they vote.

South Dakota, where Your Best Address is headquartered, is a popular option for many people because residents pay no state income tax. Vehicles can also be registered without the mandatory emissions testing required by some states.

People who wish to remain residents of their current state can still use Your Best Address for its mail forwarding services. Workampers do not need to be South Dakota residents to have their mail forwarded to Your Best Address. It’s a super-convenient service because Workampers don’t need to worry about having someone routinely check their mailboxes and forward important mail to them.

When I was a full-time RVer, having a mail forwarding service made it very easy for me to run a business on the road. Every day a new envelope arrived, I’d get a notification so I could log in and see who it was from. Then, I could decide to pay a fee for the firm open an envelope and scan the contents. After reviewing that, I could opt to hold the envelope for the next mass shipment of mail, forward it immediately or simply shred the document.

As a business owner, the ability to have a third-party company open an envelope and deposit checks on my behalf was a game changer for ensuring a consistent cash flow.

I opted to remain an Arizona resident when I was a full-time RVer, but I know a number of people who did become South Dakota residents and they were very happy with their decision.

For more information or to connect with Bill Linsenmeyer, visit www.yourbestaddress.com. The company does offer discounts, so be sure to inquire about those when signing up.

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That’s all for this week’s show. Next week, I’m crossing the Atlantic to speak with a man who runs a mobile business from his RV as he travels all over Europe. Who said Workamping was confined to North America? I’ll have that interview on the next episode of The Workamper Show.

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Greg Gerber

Greg Gerber is a former journalist who covered the recreation vehicle industry since 2009. He started podcasting in 2014 and enjoys interviewing people about ways to live, work and play in their RVs.

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